Las mejores aplicaciones del 2014

The Top 10 Mobile Apps of 2014


Frontback allows its’ users to take the ultimate selfie. Users can take a selfie of themselves, but at the same time they take a picture of what they’re looking at, a two in one selfie. Your phone’s camera will take a picture of what you’re looking at using the back camera, and then either manually or on a timer, the selfie cam (front cam) will take your best selfie for a complete and two in one picture. After you take the picture, the app turns into a social media platform and you can instantly share your frontback picture.

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PhotoMath is an app allowing its’ users to take a picture of a math problem and the app will solve it for you, no more looking in the back of the book for answers. The app solves basic math problems to even the most complex. If you’re looking for more than just the answer, the app will also show its’ work so users can see why the answer is the answer. This tool is extremely helpful for students, and while the app is not excuse for students to not actually learn, it’s a great help for students who get stuck sometimes and need a little help sometimes.

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TapTalk allows users to send personal photos and videos directly to each other. The app is similar to Snapchat, but instead of being able to send content to multiple friends at once, the content one receives is specifically made for them alone. Users can also customize text, doodles and sounds when they send images and videos to each other. When sending content, the person and their icon/name receiving the images is displayed directly below the image cutting out the search time for the person and sending it in real time.

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RoomScan is an app that draws room plans by itself. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just hold your phone against the wall and the app gives you the floor plans to your specifications. This app is great for realtors, land lords, homeowners and builders for when they need dimensions immediately, it’s also a lot easier than trying to estimate and draw the plans on your own. Along with the floor plan, users can add windows and doors, etc. and instantly send it to whoever needs it. There is a free version and a pro version, but either way the app is great for professional room plans.

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SnapDash is an iPhone app that turns taking pictures into something a bit more exciting. Users can chose from different categories, and then when they’re ready to take the picture the app will tell you what to do when the picture happens. It’s similar to charades, but you don’t have to guess. Users have a few seconds to get ready for the picture and pose. These poses add a unique twist to the picture you’re about to plaster over social media channels giving everyone a good laugh. Stop taking boring pictures and have a little fun with SnapDash.

Best Mobile Apps: Vote for SnapDash here


Secret is an app that allows you to share anything anonymously with your friends. You can share with what you think about your friends with them anonymously and once it’s published, all your followers can see the post as well. You can customize the visuals of your post and even respond to comments, the app has made it impossible to figure out who posted what. Secret is definitely an interesting way to communicate with each other.

Best Mobile Apps: Vote for Secret Here


Cameo makes it easy for you to create short videos by yourself or with friends. You can create a two minute short film and each sequence can be up to 6 seconds. The app also offers an editing service so once you’re done filming, you and your friends can create great films without ever moving from your phone. It’s better to sue than other video apps and it very user friendly when creating and editing. Filters, fonts, and color schemes add extra touches to any video.

Best Mobile Apps: Vote for Cameo here


5by is personalized video recommendation service that offers a continuous stream of video to you mobile devices. 5by creates a continuous stream of videos created by your interests and is always ready for viewing. It’s similar to TV as it is always playing. Videos are also selected based on your moods, time of the day and and social interests. When you create an account, you answer a few questions and 5by will find the perfect videos for you so you don’t have to. While videos play you can say whether you like/dislike them which in turn helps creates more information to help find the best videos.

Best Mobile Apps: Vote for 5by here

Who’s Your Daddy

The appy for a happy pappy. This app is essential for any new dad to help make those long awaited nine months go by in a breeze. For first time dads, it’s always a challenge to know when and what to say to your expecting partner to make them feel better and show them you’ve got what it takes for what’s about to come. Who’s Your Daddy is a customizable app around your partners due date and gives you nine months of humorous and informative tips in English, not medical talk. This app is a must have for first time dads, while you’re there for here needs, this app is here for your needs.

Best Mobile Apps: vote for Who’s Your Daddy here


Elevate is an app compete with games and exercises designed to improve brain functions. The brain is a muscle too, so it’s important to keep it in shape. Elevate has several features that help with memory, critical thinking and focus. Many of the exercises can be practiced in a more practical setting as well, such as calculating the tip and total of a bill. The app suggests “training” four times a week for maximum strength. Many of the games and exercises are fun to complete, Elevate is like a useful video game.

Best Mobile Apps: Vote for Elevate here



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